THORChain | A Story of Rolling Thunder

THORChain stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, working to solve the most challenging problems that our industry faces.

By enabling the direct exchange of assets across L1 blockchains, THORChain provides the foundation for a truly revolutionary financial ecosystem…and people are noticing.

A network with this level of trajectory needs in-depth data and analytics to drive growth, attract users, and turn skeptics into believers…

And the results are compelling. The THORChain ecosystem is growing at insane rates, and the Flipside data community has stepped in to support this growth by providing key analytics & research to showcase the rise. 

Let’s take a look at what thunder is rolling through the THORChain ecosystem! 

By the Hammer of THOR: Essential On-Chain Analytics



With swapping active across BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and BNB, the ecosystem continues to thrive. The THORChain Console dives deep into the details. 


24k users and counting have been onboarded to the ecosystem between April and December of this year alone. Check out this comprehensive report diving deep into user growth metrics on the network: 

  • 647k swaps to date, with 367k since the network halt in July
  • $17.21M in rewards distributed to LP-ers to date
  • 8,357 unique LP addresses LP-ing 41 different tokens across 5 different chains
  • 24k Unique THORChain Wallet Addresses – over half of those have been added since the network halt in July


The network has remained resilient in the face of challenges and so has the price of $RUNE, showing strong support from users and the market alike. Key takeaways: 

  • There is not a linear relationship between Rune’s price and net trading volume.
  • When external events occur (crypto wide crash / exploits) which causes Rune prices to drop, we see more Rune volume sold. 
  • When Rune prices stagnate, there is equal buying and selling volume. 
  • When Rune prices rally it sparks huge buying volumes – almost $8M Rune bought in a single day. 

 More details here.  

BUT WAIT, you can’t protect Asgard by just watching from your armchair…you gotta get involved, and now you can with an edge.

The THORChain LP Calculator gives LPs the power to calculate their potential earnings when providing liquidity on the network.

Want more data as bad as THOR wants to crush Loki?  Click here for Top THORchain Analytics Dashboards.

Still not satisfied? A full list of submissions is available here

Over the Bifrost Bridge: Get Involved in producing THORChain Analytics Today


Step 1: Get your voice heard!

Have pressing THORChain data questions or ideas for research? Submit them to the THORChain community in theTHORChain Question App:

Step 2. Sign-Up!

Join Flipside’s THORchain Analytics Community discord here, and get free access to analytics-ready SQL query interface here

Step 3. Earn $RUNE for Analytics

Head over to the bounty notion page to claim and build THORChain bounties!

The THORChain data provided here was lovingly produced via Flipside and their Community of THORchain Analysts. 💚


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