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Alchemix Query Submissions

Just last month we launched a Beta version of our on-chain analytics toolkit, which includes free structured and labeled data. In an effort to improve our product quickly while also supporting the newly founded project Alchemix, we put out a batch of bounties to reward valuable insights created using our data. We were blown away by these submissions.

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Flipside USDC Recipe

What are the on-chain metrics that matter most for the success of stablecoins? In this report we focus on USDC specifically, and look at its DeFi activity and health in comparison to three other leading stablecoins (USDT, DAI and PAX) for the last 10 months.

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Alchemix — Pulling Back the Curtain

We take a look at Alchemix — a red-hot DeFi protocol that launched just over a month ago — and explore how it enables users to earn advances on the future yield of their crypto. As well, we document the basic steps to staking on Alchemix and examine the pros and cons of doing so.

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A Major Step for Decentralized Governance

Today Tally launched its governance app – which lets anyone easily create and vote on proposals put forth by various DeFi projects. 

The app brings much needed transparency to on-chain governance, not only within specific proposals so users can see which stakeholders are voting and how, but also more broadly within DeFi, by regrouping key projects on a single platform.

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