Zilliqa has a new growth strategy, and so far, it’s working.

ZIL User Activity spiked in the last twenty days as the team launched new growth initiatives. Price increased 60.93% in the same timeframe. 

About Zilliqa (ZIL): Zilliqa is a Singapore-based blockchain platform launched in 2017. It was the first to use sharding technology to solve the common blockchain hurdle of scalability – an efficiency-boosting technique that allows the network to grow while transactions are being processed in parallel. The platform’s native token, ZIL, is used to pay for transactions.

Fundamental Data: Our data shows a 35-point increase in ZIL FCAS in the last 20 days, driven by a spike in User Activity of 65-points (11.04%). Developer Behavior and Market Maturity also went up 12-points (1.46%) and 64-points (8.84%) respectively. 

Recent Events:

  • On March 15th, Zilliqa announced a new partnership with Binance to reward users for learning about its token and platform. A total of $10,000 in ZIL rewards were allocated for this “learn and earn” collaboration.  
  • More recently on May 8th, the team went live with a similar campaign that rewards social media engagement in ZIL. A total of 500K ZIL went towards the first 72-hour campaign, which uses SocialPay  – an innovative tool that connects to individual Twitter accounts, checks tweets, counts likes and rewards accordingly. 

Analysis: With everyone locked up at home, this easy way to make pocket money proved immensely popular. Not only that, but the tactic is actually very powerful for spreading awareness of Zilliqa, and for making Scilla a more widespread programming language for developers. Getting developers to use Zilliqa’s blockchain platform to build their dapps is a sure way to grow its network exponentially. As our data shows, the initiative has so far proven successful in driving real on-chain engagement with the ZIL token. 

The Flipside: ZIL token flows in the past month suggest that the wallets that hold more than 25K ZIL, which we call “top holders”, are still holding most of the token supply. Encouraging new users to earn ZIL will move the project in the right direction, towards a safer ecosystem where top holders have less room to impact liquidity and price. We’re also seeing an overall increase in unique addresses active each day, which again is indicative of a move towards healthier fundamentals. 

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