This week’s Best Yearn data dashboards: August 20

It’s time to highlight some of the best Yearn data dashboards we received as part of our bounty campaign.

We’ve got four Yearn data dashboards to highlight this week. That includes submissions from @scottincrypto, @coziieapp, Lostarious, and @sriramarun.

Let’s dive in.

Comparing Yearn Strategies

We’ll start with a look at a comparison of two strategies on Yearn from @scottincrypto. In this analysis, @scottincrypto examines the Curveusdn3CRVVoterProxy strategy and the Convexusdn3CRV strategy. 

And, as we can see in the graph below, Convex returns outpaced Curve returns over life of the vault. There are only two major outliers in this trend: one in early June of this year and another in early August.

Generic Leverage Compound Farms

Our next set of submissions also focus on strategies for earning on Yearn. This time, @coziieapp, Lostarious, and @sriramarun each analyzed the “Generic Leverage Compound Farm” strategy on the platform.

As we can see in @coziieapp’s submission, debt to collateral for this strategy was as high as 73 percent, which can be seen in the graph below, but is trending downward. This submission also found that roughly $2 million worth of COMP were harvested and redeployed as part of this strategy. Most interestingly, however, @coziieapp points out that Flash Loans are key to this strategy — about 700 million of them were deployed in the past month alone.

Lostarious, meanwhile, notes that this strategy has an APR of just under seven percent over the past 30 days. As we can see in the graphs below, gains are stable, and the total gains appear to be almost linear. Lostarious also noted that Flash Loans are a crucial part of this strategy, pointing out that roughly 72% of USDC leveraged on Compound is comprised of Flash Loans.

Finally, @sriramarun also offered a look at the strategy’s returns. As we can see in the data below, COMP governance token rewards make up for the bulk of the total rewards and the flash loans help to leverage the deposits, increasing the overall APY. 

Do more with Yearn data 🔍

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Yearn data dashboards! 

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