Just Launched: Curve + Yearn Bounties

Yearn/Curve bounties

Just launched: Curve + Yearn bounties on Flipside Crypto.

Starting right now, analysts can answer analytics questions that deal with how Curve and Yearn interact together. That means more ways for analysts to make money.

How do these new bounties work? How can you get involved? And how much can you earn? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Curve + Yearn Bounties are here

Our bounty program is all about supporting the Curve and Yearn communities with on-chain analytics, including free structured and labeled data. 

But we need your help to offer the insights the ecosystems needs to grow. So we’re rewarding analysts with bounties for the great data-driven dashboards they create. 

The first 25 correct submissions to a question will each receive a minimum of 333.33 USDC, and the best submission to each question will also receive the grand prize of 833.33 USDC. Please note that a submission must receive a score of 7 or higher to receive the full payout. You can find more information on scoring here or here. Those who complete both Curve and Curve + Yearn Bounties will receive a badge and be entered into a drawing to win an additional $100.

To get started, sign up for an account with Velocity. Then, get to work on your submission and send it in by 11:59pm UTC/ 7:59pm EST on Wednesday 9/29 using this form

Learn more 🔍

Join our community on Discord and join the conversation. Or, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, the Bounty Brief to keep up with the latest on Flipside Bounties. 

If you’d like to learn more about Curve, visit their website, read their documentation, access their official resources, or follow on Twitter. You can also visit the Yearn website, read their documentation, or follow the team on Twitter. You can also deposit into one of the Yearn vaults here or find the Earn app here.

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