What Makes The Best Bounty Submission?

Here at Flipside Crypto, we believe in supporting crypto projects and communities with on-chain analytics. 

We do that in the form of crypto bounties that reward analysts for the insights they provide. Right now, for example, we’re offering up to 12.50 LUNA for correct Terra bounties and up to 6.07 UNI for correct Uniswap bounties

But we also believe in further rewarding those that go above and beyond. So, we’re offering up to 125 LUNA and up to 14.03 UNI for the best and brightest submissions we receive, and we’re featuring them in Flipside’s blog and newsletter.

If you want to get that sweet grand prize and a highly sought-after “bounty submission of the week” designation, we’ve got the answers. Here’s your guide to what makes the best bounty submissions.

Completeness and accuracy

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing to do when completing a bounty is to make sure that you’ve answered every part of the question — and that you’ve answered it correctly of course. You’ll also want to ensure that your methodology is logical and that your data is accurate.

The best submissions go above and beyond simply answering the question correctly. Not only is their methodology logical and their data sound, they offer additional views and breakdowns to help users better understand the concept. See this submission from Andrew for a good example of a complete and accurate bounty.

Best bounty submission


Next up are the definitions. This comes down to whether you’re using the right data sources, the right assumptions, and the right definitions of various terms. Ultimately, the most important thing is that your submission allows users to understand the data sources and feel confident in the data. 

Top submissions provide definitions and data sources for both metrics and user groups. They also provide context for how the project they’re analyzing functions, and what the metrics are expressing. We want users to easily understand what a graph is, and why they should care. That’s what @visavishesh does so well in this submission, which received a grand prize.


Once you’ve got every part of the question and you’ve verified the data, it’s time to put it to work. The best bounties don’t just offer interesting and accurate data — they present visualization to help users understand the findings.

The best visualizations are accurate, of course, but they’re also interesting. They should provide additional insight into the data. They can be clearly understood — and they help users gain a deeper understanding of a project. Check out this submission from @AND__SO to see what a good visualization looks like.

Best bounty submission 2


Last but not least is perhaps the most important category on our lists — insights. To be an insightful submission, your bounty should provide a compelling narrative that helps explain the conclusions that can be drawn with this data. The idea is to ensure that users are thinking critically about the data you’ve presented and how they can gain from it.

The most insightful submissions provide a clear and compelling narrative. They should be well written and provide new information for the users. They also go above and beyond simply answering the question, and help the users draw further conclusions about a project. If you want an example of a highly insightful submission, check out this offering from @scottincrypto.

Get involved

Now that you know what makes a good submission, it’s time to get involved for yourself. Remember, the best bounty submission is one that not only answers the question being asked completely and correctly, it also provides context and additional insights to help educate users. 

If you want to create a top bounty submission of your own, start by checking out Flipside Crypto’s video tutorials. They’ll help you get started with Velocity and learn how to get paid for solving crypto bounties.

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