Watch Now: Terra Data Cheat Codes

Terra Data

Get Terra data tables and pre-built queries to unlock supreme analysis. Flipside’s Joan Kallogieri offers you an inside look in this new video explainer.

Terra data has touched down here at Flipside Crypto. But with such a large and always expanding ecosystem, understanding the data can become a challenge. 

To help you keep track of the exciting and evolving project, Flipside’s @theericstone, Joan Kallogjeri, and @laurenbeltramo created a Terra ecosystem map. Now, one of the map’s creators, Joan Kallogjeri, is here to help you explore our galaxy of data on the project’s applications, core functionality, governance, and swaps and exchange in a new video.

Consider these your cheat codes for understanding Flipside’s Terra data. 

How to use the terra data cheat codes

So, how do you use these cheat codes? Is there a Konami code for SQL?

Sadly, there is not. But Flipside’s cheat codes are almost as good. To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for a Velocity account using this link.
  2. Find the table on the right-hand side of each function, then copy and paste the table name into your query 
  3. You can also copy and paste full existing starter queries, hyperlinked in the page or easily accessible under “collections” in Velocity. Watch the video to see exactly how.

Check out the video for yourself now and see just how powerful Flipside’s Terra data cheat codes can be.

Learn more

Want to learn more about the Terra ecosystem? You can read our explainer here, or check out our Terra analytics here.

You can also join Flipside Crypto on Discord to join the conversation. Or, check out Flipside Crypto’s other video tutorials. They’ll help you get started with Velocity and learn how to get paid for solving crypto bounties.

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