Just Launched: UST Universe

Just launched: the UST Calculator, created by @AngelaMinster.

After the success of Columbus-5 and the rising popularity of the Terra protocol, more people — and more protocols — are using UST than ever before. The stablecoin is becoming the center of the crypto universe. The currency is now even available to be used not just on the Terra blockchain, but in a wide range of other blockchains and ecosystems.

So, who owns all that UST circulating around various ecosystems? How much do they have? And what are they doing with it? The Flipside Crypto community has the answer, thanks to a new tool created by @AngelaMinster.

UST Network

With this tool, users instantly understand who owns UST, how they’re using it, and what ecosystem it’s being used in. And the best part?

All of the data in this universe is available for free via Flipside Crypto’s app. You can also come join the conversation on Terra and learn more about community-enabled analytics on the  Flipside Crypto discord server.

UST balance by protocol

Want to learn more about Terra? Join the conversation in our Discord community. Plus, join us at 12 pm ET/ 5 PM UTC on Friday, December 17 for our Validator Community Call!

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