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Welcome back to our Uniswap data dashboards of the week! Each week, we turn people’s data questions into crypto bounties for data analysts to solve. 

In this edition, we’ve got two terrific Uniswap bounties to show off. That includes a query on voting behavior and a comparison of activity between newbies and DeFi degens.

Let’s get started.

Amount of UNI in user wallets drops… 📉

In our first submission, from @scottincrypto, we take a look at the activity of users on the Uniswap platform, and how it compares to other platforms. 

The goal of this query was to understand if there’s been a flow of users and tokens from other protocols, or if many Uniswap users are entirely new to the DeFi ecosystem. To solve this question. @scottincrypto analyzed the USD-equivalent breakdown of tokens other than UNI in Uniswap users’ wallets/addresses, and how it changed over time. 

As we can see in the graph below, there was a notable spike in UNI token wallet share in early 2021. This was likely a prelude to the increase in market price that followed shortly after. When the market did eventually peak in early May, however, UNI’s share of wallet shot downward. This, according to @scottincrypto, can likely be explained by the large increase in total wallet size that occurred simultaneously.

@scottincrypto had plenty more insights and context in this submission (which is the mark of a great bounty!) so make sure to check out the whole thing here.

…but UNI still dominates the competition 💪

Despite these more recent decreases, Uniswap users still seem to feel overwhelmingly confident in the state of the project. That much can be seen in this next submission from @darksoulsfanlol.

As the graph below demonstrates, UNI (represented by the top blue line) accounts for a much higher share of user wallets than other tokens, including Sushi token, Maker token, CRV, AAVE, and others. What’s more, the pattern of wallet shares for all of these tokens tends to follow similar patterns, showing that the rare dips in UNI share may reflect a greater unease with the crypto market rather than with UNI specifically.

Get involved

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Uniswap data dashboards!

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