See This Week’s Top Uniswap Data Dashboards

Welcome back to our Uniswap data dashboards of the week! Each week, we turn people’s data questions into crypto bounties for data analysts to solve. 

In this edition, we’ve got two terrific Uniswap bounties to show off. That includes analysis from @darksoulsfanlol and @yadongliu.

Whales look to diversify 

We’ll start with an analysis of whale behavior on Uniswap. In our first submission, @darksoulsfanlol examined whether whales diversify their investment patterns — and how.

As we can see in @darksoulsfanlol‘s submission, large LPs have increasingly looked to diversify in recent months. Many were initially invested in the USDC-WETH 300 60 pool, but have since moved into other pools. What’s more, as of June of this year, none of the top 10 liquidity providers on Uniswap were active in two of the top 10 pools, which can be seen in the graph below.

Most active LPs

The most active LPs on Uniswap

In our next submission, @yadongliu looked at the most active LPs on Uniswap. These investors, @yadongliu found, stay busy while investing on Uniswap, opening a total of 1071 positions on the platform. When these positions go out of bounds, however, they are quick to react.

In fact, as we can see in the graph below, each of these five OOB positions studied by @yadongliu were closed within 36 minutes. What’s more, LPs closed three of the OOB positions examined in less than 30 minutes, and two of them were closed in less than 10 minutes. Talk about being active!

Uniswap data OOB positions

Get involved with Uniswap data

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Uniswap data dashboards!

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