Bring the Thunder: What’s Happening On THORChain?

THORChain. You likely know it as the subject of hacks, pleas to #RAISETHECAPS, and the protocol’s devoted legion of fans known as #THORChads.

But what’s happening on-chain when it comes to THORChain? The Flipside community of analysts has the answers. 

Today, @bachkav and @yuiwa69 offer an intro to the platform by looking at new user activity and the most popular swap pairs.

New users spike in September

Let’s start by taking a look at the number of unique addresses on THORChain, with some help from this submission from @bachkav.

As we can see in the data below, the number of new wallets grew steadily from April through the end of June as the platform gained attention. Those numbers quickly dropped following both of the two hacks to strike earlier this summer.

thorchain new users

The number of new wallets spiked to an all-time high in late September once THORChain was taken back online. What remains to be seen, however, is exactly how the latest interruption impacts wallet creation.

All told, more than 18,000 wallets had been created on THORChain through the end of October.

thorchain new users

So, once these new users reach THORChain, what token pairs do they tend to swap? According to this submission from analyst @yuiwa69, there are a pair of clear titans when it comes to THORChain swaps.

thorchain swap pairs

As we can see above, the BNB.BUSD-B to RUNE pair and its counterpart, the RUNE to BNB.BUSD-B pair, rise far above the competition in terms of both swap volume (displayed by the black bars) and the number of swaps (displayed in orange.) These RUNE pairs also rule the day when it comes to swap percentages, as we can see below.

thorchain swap pairs

Do more with THORChain data 🔍

Thanks to everyone who submitted such great data dashboards. Check out our open THORChain bounties here.

Want to get more involved with the Flipside community and see your own submissions on our blog? Join us on Discord to get started.

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