The Best of Flipside’s $40K (and counting!) THORChain Bounty Program

A month ago today, we launched our THORChain bounty program, inviting analysts to submit answers to statistical questions from the community and get paid for their efforts.

So far? The community has delivered the goods — and then some — with some top-notch data and statistical analysis…

…and they’ve been handsomely rewarded for their efforts — to the tune of more than $40,000 paid out in $RUNE.

So today, to celebrate one month of THORChain bounties, we want to take a look behind the numbers and put the spotlight on some of the best work from our dedicated community of analysts.

THORChain Bounties: Behind the Numbers

Number of Unique Participants: 152 analysts submitted data dashboards as part of the program.

Number of Submissions: Those 152 analysts submitted more than 870 total dashboards, of which 826 qualified for payment.

Money, Money, Money: All told, we’ve paid out nearly $50,000 in $RUNE during the first four weeks of the bounty program so far — that’s almost 5,000 $RUNE in the price at press time.

Not too bad for a month’s worth of bounty questions.

THORChain Bounties: The Best of the Best

We’ve obviously had no shortage of submissions from analysts eager to show off their stuff. Many of them excited us and offered great insights, but a few rose above the rest. 

Take a look at the best of the best from the first month of our bounty program below.

@thekakamora is a prolific analyst, offering insights into just about everything from new user activity to Thorswap pools to affiliate fees. Just look at these great insights…

You can see all of the analysis from @thekakamora here.

@mintingfarms has also provided several great pieces of analysis, including this look at THORChain liquidity pools.

@dougdevine, meanwhile, examined THORChain pools with this look at pool depth. You can even move the sliders to #DYOR:

Or, take a look at wealth distribution with @njholman79.

…and those are just a few of our favorite submissions. You can find even more great analyses here.

Bring the Thunder: More THORChain fun

Dashboards were really just the start of the THORChain goodies the Flipside community cooked up.  

They also debuted the THORChain LP Calculator

…the THORChain Console

…and the new CEA Question App, designed to let anyone ask a question with just a click of a button.

And believe us, this is just the beginning. 

Do more with THORChain data

Ready to get involved with the Bounty program? No problem.

Start by joining our community on Discord and being part of the conversation in the #thorchain channel. Or, check out our latest THORChain bounties to get started on a submission of your very own.

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