This week’s best Terra data dashboards

Happy Monday, folks. We’re once again kicking off the week by highlighting some of the best Terra data dashboards from the past week.

We’ve got six Terra data dashboards to highlight this week, including submissions from @lejimmy, @scottincrypto, @shreyashpatodia, BrianMe32966537, and @TZMCrypto.  

Validators on their best behavior 

We’ll start by looking at Validator behavior on Terra with @lejimmy. In this instance, we’re trying to identify validators who have been slashed multiple times. Slashed, in this case, refers to the module that allows “Terra to disincentivize any attributable action by a protocol-recognized actor with value at stake by penalizing them.” This is typically done by reducing that validator’s total stake.

Fortunately, most Validators on Terra seem to be on their best behavior in recent weeks. As the submission notes, in the past year “there have only been 70 slashing events.” What’s more, with only eight repeat offenders, we can see that most validators take their roles quite seriously.

The validator that fell from 1st to 27th 

We’ll stay on the topic of Validators with our next submission, this time from our friend @scottincrypto. Scott examined the rankings of validators in terms of earnings over recent weeks, and looked to identify the biggest risers and fallers.

The answer? Well over the past month, hashed, shown below by the pink line with a red arrow pointing to it, dropped from first place all the way to 27th. BTC.Secure, meanwhile, saw his ranking shoot up from 100th to 3rd. As we can see below, this kind of movement was not uncommon, as only three of the top five Validators in June are still holding on to that designation.

Terra data dashboard

Big fish dwarf small fries when it comes to governance

Our next submission, from @shreyashpatodia, examines governance on the Terra platform — specifically, who has the most power when it comes to voting. 

As we can see in the analysis below, there are far more small accounts — what @shreyashpatodia refers to as “small fries” — participating in voting than there are large accounts. What these “big fish” lack in numbers, however, they more than make up for it in clout. Despite their relatively tiny number of accounts, the voting power of “big fish” outweighs “small fries” by more than 1000%.

KRT-UST/LUNA swaps lead the pack

Next up is a look at coin swaps, also known as token swaps, via @TZMCrypto. These involve instantaneously exchanging one cryptocurrency for another without having to first undertake a crypto-to-fiat exchange.

As we can see in the table below, KRT-UST/LUNA swaps rule native swaps. These pairs lead the pack by a landslide, @TZMCrypto pointed out, both in total transactions and in volume. This lead is likely due to the popularity of Chai, which recently integrated these swaps

Native swaps Terra

ETH to Terra bridge gains momentum

Next up, BrianMe32966537 offers reason to have confidence in the Terra blockchain. This submission looks specifically at ETH-Terra/Terra-ETH exchanges.

On both the LUNA and UST bridges, far more UST/LUNA is traveling from the ETH blockchain to the Terra blockchain than the reverse. As BrianMe32966537 notes, that’s reason for definite optimism for Terra supporters, as these metrics seem to follow similar patterns for other coins as well.

Terra data dashboard

Anchor repayments spike during May price drop

Finally, we have a look at repayments on the Anchor protocol with some help from @shreyashpatodia.

A high amount of loans were paid off between the 19th and 23rd of May. As @shreyashpatodia points out, this was likely due in large part to the high volatility in the space and fears of liquidation. Since that date, borrowers repaid fewer loans, while high ANC distribution continues to make the loans themselves more lucrative.

Terra data dashboard anchor repayments

Get involved 🔍

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Terra data dashboards! Want to get more involved with the Flipside community and see your own submissions on our blog? Check out Flipside Crypto’s video tutorials to get started.

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