This Week’s Best Terra Dashboards

Last week, we unleashed our Terra data and called on our community of bounty hunters to use it wisely.

They did just that, submitting well more than 100 data dashboards to our team. Now, we’re taking a look at four more of the best Terra data dashboards around.

LUNA staking approaches ATH 📈

To kick us off, @shreyashpatodia examines new users on the Terra network. To do so, the submission zooms in on Terra wallet addresses and their associated activity.

As @shreyashpatodia points out, LUNA staking can be a good stand-in for wallet activity. And, as we can see in the graph below, staking levels have dropped sharply from the all-time-high established in October of 2020, reaching a low point of 374,800 LUNA, before beginning a rise back to higher levels. Most recently, LUNA staking seems to be approaching October’s previous high-water mark.

LUNA staking

MIR-UST leads the way in daily fees 💰

Next, @darksoulsfanlol takes us on a tour of the best yield farms on Terra. 

As our intrepid bounty hunter points out, there are several ways to identify a good yield farming opportunity via Terra data. In this case, we’re focusing on the daily fees for each pool on the network. As we can see in the graph below, the MIR-UST pool, shown in deep green, leads the way when it comes to both daily fees and fee volume, in large part due to its popularity with traders.

Terra data yield farming

Swap fees spike 💸

How about swap fees? Well, as @scottincrypto demonstrates in his submission, there was “one huge day” in the history of swap fees recently.

As we can see below, swap fees spiked sky-high on June 3.  Taking a closer look at the day’s activity, we can see that the increase was caused by three transactions emanating from one account. This one account made three trades of more than $1 million, generating $900k of fees in the process.

Swap fees

How Terra survived two drawdowns 📉

Finally, we’ll take a closer look at how Terra stablecoins survived a pair of price crashes in recent weeks.

As bounty hunter XYZ shows, The Terra ecosystem survived two significant drawdowns in March and May. UST did wobble away from its peg of $1 at times, but as we can see in the two graphs below, it quickly recovered to its intended value.

Terra data UST peg

Get involved 🔍

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Terra data dashboards! 

Want to get more involved with Flipside’s incredible community and see your own submissions on our blog? Check out Flipside Crypto’s other video tutorials. They’ll help you get started with Velocity and learn how to get paid for solving crypto bounties.

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