The Bounty Brief #9: Ready, Aim, Earn

The Bounty Brief #9

Hey there Bounty Hunters 🏹

Welcome back to your guide to earning crypto for helping protocols grow. If you want even more insights on bounties and more, make sure you join our growing community on Discord.

Onto this week’s bounties, including some from Uniswap, Compound, and more.

Uniswap 🦄

[Easy] Gas Fees on Failed Transactions

Bounty: Up to 16.05 UNI

Description: What share of the gas fees collected are from expired transactions (ethereum.transactions has a flag for failed transactions)? How has this trend changed over time? Suggest an explanation for the trend you observe.

[Easy] Largest Liquidity Pools 💦

Bounty: Up to 16.05 UNI

Description: Find the largest liquidity pools in Uniswap V2 and V3 (start with ethereum.erc20_balances). How do these pools compare across the two versions? Bonus data points to incorporate: number of LPs, APY, capital efficiency.

[Hard] Strategies to Maximize ROI 💰

Bounty: Up to 32.09 UNI

Description: Devise an effective strategy that attempts to maximize ROI. Identify the best pools for deploying the strategy. Does this strategy vary by pool type or capital efficiency in a given pool? Summarize the key metrics in a table with an explaination of your approach. If you dare.

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Bounty: Up to 32.09 UNI

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 32.09 UNI as a reward.

📈 Compound

[Easy] Lending and Borrowing rates 🏦

Bounty: Up to 1.03 COMP

Description: How are lending and borrowing rates determined? What impacts these rates? How do these change over time?

[Easy] Understanding the typical Compound user 👥

Bounty: Up to 1.03 COMP

Description: Understanding the typical compound user – How many addresses have supplied to more than one compound market in the past 30 days? How many addresses have borrowed from more than one market in the past 30 days? How many have done both?

[HARD] Deploying $50,000 to Compound 💸

Bounty: Up to 2.17 COMP

Description: Show how sharp price changes have affected the borrow APY in the past. To answer this question, please include a clean definition of volatility and specific tokens for comparison.

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Bounty: Up to 2.17 COMP

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 2.17 COMP as a reward.


Token Provenance And Destination Of Genesis DAO Over Time 🪙

Bounty: 500 HOPR

Description: Previously a detailed analysis on the “position of HOPR DAO members” was carried out. We’d like to continue this analysis and look into the position of HOPR Genesis DAO over time. HOPR (Ethereum mainnet), xHOPR (xDAI chain), wxHOPR (xDAI chain) are in the scope of this analysis and are refered altogether as “tokens.”

🎶 Harmony

ONE World: Geospatial NFT Marketplace 🖼️

Bounty: 102001.39 ONE

Description: ONE World is a collectible NFT marketplace for real-world locations on planet Earth. By definition, a geospatial location is one-of-a-kind, complete with its own unique identifier such as a postal address and GPS coordinates.

Bigquery Support On Google Cloud Platform ☁️

Bounty: 22245.36 ONE

Description: Make Harmony blockchain data available on google GCP bigquery. Google BigQuery provides a powerful interface for data queries and analyses. We would like to make Harmony blockchain data available on Google BigQuery, as public data set.

🦸 Sovrython

Research 🔍

Bounty: 409.84 SOV

Description: For those who are good at research to provide possible ideas for:
Increasing TVL; Incentivizing Stakers in Governance; New Business that want to launch tokens on our Origins Platform; Anything positive using Sovryn Protocol and associated smart contracts.


Bounty: 409.84 SOV

Description: There are a number of backend services running, which are essential to the security and/or functioning of the system. These services are: The Sovryn Nodes which liquidate and rollover positions and arb the AMM; The Bridge Federators which need to sign off token transfers over the ETH Bridge; The FastBTC nodes which sign off RBTC transfers to BTC depositors. Any improvement of security, decentralization, scalability or overall functionality of these services is greatly appreciated. This can come in the form of concrete concepts with development plans or preferably working code.

Data-Science-Improved-Blockchain-Explorers 🧪

Bounty: 409.84 SOV

Description: The only explorers available for RSK mainnet are the RSK explorer and blockscout. On testnet, we have only RSK explorer. This explorer has some limitations, e.g.: not showing error messages of failed transactions, not decoding all events, not registering all token balances on the wallet overview, issues with verification, no way to read contract data, … In short: We’d love to make a better explorer our default – or see merged improvements to rsk or blockscout.

🏆Submission(s) of the Week 🏆

Welcome back to our Submission(s) of the Week!

In case the “(s)” didn’t give it away, we’re doing something a bit different for this week’s edition. This time, we’re highlighting not one, but three different bounties — specifically, the winners of the Uniswap V3 Bounty Competition, @Block49Capital, @OCDAnalysis, and @ryantheeng!

@Block49Capital offered a deep-dive into Uniswap swaps. More specifically, this submission focused on user and swap statistics across all platforms, the most popular tokens with retail and large buy investors, and progress on the Uniswap V2 to V3 migration. @ryantheeng, meanwhile, provided an inside look at Uniswap V3 liquidity providers, and @OCDAnalysis set out to get a better understanding of the positioning of those liquidity providers.

A big congratulations and job well done go to @Block49Capital,@OCDAnalysis, and @ryantheeng for their award-winning bounties, and a big shot out as well to @dr_ethereum, @TayneUrDancer, and @ahkek4 for their runner-up efforts. And of course, thanks to everyone who submitted bounties!

Good luck with your bounties this week🤞🍀 Make sure you join our community on Discord to keep up with all things bounties and get answers to any questions you have about solving our queries.

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