Flipside Crypto’s Terra Community Console Touches Down

Just launched: the new Flipside Terra Insights Console, powered by insights from the Flipside Community. 

The Terra Insights console is the home for data on the Terra ecosystem, its users, protocols, tokens, and more. There, you can find an overview of the ecosystem, along with operational data and financial data, all provided by our Community-Enabled Analytics program and our community of analysts and users.

Let’s take a closer look.

Terra overview

Our “Overview” data shows a snapshot of data information on the ecosystem and its health. There, for instance, you can see the rise in the staked supply of LUNA over time. As of this writing, the staked supply of LUNA totaled more than $12.9 billion. 

Terra community console staked supply

You can also find data on the main components and protocols that serve as the backbone for the ecosystem. The chart below from @TZMCrypto, for instance, demonstrates how the UST peg behaved in the past months including how it reacted to the May market crash.

Terra operational data

With our on-chain Operational Data, we can also see what’s driving activity on Terra — acquiring LUNA, the native token of the Terra ecosystem, and swapping for stablecoins. 

And, as we can see below thanks to @Massnomis, UST, Terra’s most notable stablecoin, experiences daily demand from new users. At peak demand, new Terra users made over 3,000 LUNA swaps for UST in a single day. 

Terra community console daily swaps

We can also get a closer look at what users are doing with their tokens. This graph from @shreyashpatodia, for example, shows the rise in addresses staking LUNA, from less than half a million in mid-to-late 2020 to more than 2.5 million in July and August of this year.

Meanwhile, in terms of application usage, @AND__SO points out that Mirror has seen a steady stream of new users visiting the platform on a daily basis “with occasional spikes.”

Terra community console new mirror users

Terra financial data

Our community console also provides users with the financial data they need when interacting in the Terra ecosystem.

Data on variance from peg for KRT, EUT, JPY, SGT, and AUT are now at the tip of your fingers, allowing users to see the impact that recency and more limited use cases have on JPT, SGT, and AUT through inherently lower liquidity via this interactive visualization from @scottincrypto

Terra community console variance from peg

You can also find data on Terraswap Volumes, like in this graph from @Massnomis.

Terraswap volume

Or, see how the tax rate dipped in March before bottoming out in June and rebounding shortly after.

Do more with Terra data

Want to get more involved with the Flipside community? Dream of seeing your own analysis on our blog or in our Community Console? Join us on Discord to get started. You can also see some of the best Terra bounty submissions here, and see our open bounty questions here.

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