Qtum Joins the Flipside Data Cooperative as they Prepare for Offline Staking

Qtum is the latest in a series of blockchain projects to join the Flipside Data Cooperative – a transparency initiative for partner networks to showcase their on-chain activity publicly. The data will provide the insights needed to foster community participation in the upcoming launch of offline staking on Mainnet. 

“Flipside’s data cooperative gives unparalleled insights into Qtum’s blockchain by allowing people to visualize what’s going on beyond block numbers and transaction counts. The integration couldn’t come at a better time; it’ll be very interesting to see how the activity of the network changes when the Offline Staking feature goes live later this month. Without Flipside’s integration we would not be able to gather this kind of before and after analytics without putting in significant resources and effort on our end.” Jordan Earls, Qtum Co-Founder & Lead Developer.

The public release provides unparalleled insights and data into Qtum’s health as a project. 

Community members can now watch all QTUM token flows in real time, and view any deposit and withdrawal made on Binance and other exchanges. The on-chain activity of miners, top holders (users who own a meaningful percentage of the total active supply), and smaller wallets can be discerned separately. 

Benchmarks are also provided to compare Qtum’s median on-chain volume, transactions, and unique addresses among more than 40 blockchain networks that are monitored by Flipside. Qtum’s on-chain volume and unique addresses both stand out as well above average.

“We started the Flipside Data Cooperative as an initiative to bring more transparency to the crypto space, and Qtum was one of the first projects to jump on board. From the very beginning, their team has been dedicated to using our insights to increase community participation and leadership. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to further their efforts in fostering trust and collaboration with their users.” – Dave Balter, CEO at Flipside Crypto. 

About QTUM

Qtum (QTUM) is a blockchain technology designed to merge the smart contract elements of Ethereum with the stable blockchain characteristics of Bitcoin while using a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in order to verify blocks and transactions. The platform went live in September 2017 and due to the combination of the two systems, dapps built on Ethereum are compatible with QTUM.

About Flipside Crypto

Flipside enables blockchains to live up to their full potential, by decoding and explaining blockchain behaviors. Our proprietary process extracts all of the data from blockchains and applies labels to transactions in order to identify and understand on-chain behaviors. The data is then streamed into our Business Intelligence Dashboards, to provide a clear view of real-time stakeholder behaviors and all asset flows.

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