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Elon Musk Is Right about Dogecoin

The business conglomerate argued last week that Dogecoin’s only issue is that it is too concentrated. Turns out he’s not wrong — when comparing Doge’s market to other major tokens, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, we find that Doge is the most concentrated of all. Here’s why it’s not that surprising.

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HashMasks Become the Most Traded NFTs on OpenSea in a Single Week

OpenSea is the largest secondary marketplace for trading crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can sell and purchase collectibles like CryptoKitties or Crypto Punks, and even create their own marketplace to showcase new NFT collections — and as of Jan. 28, there’s a new superstar on the market.

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Hype or Legit?

No blockchain organization can be successful in the long term with only project-backed incentives. There needs to be real activity coming from elsewhere. In this report we dive into the 5 questions you need to consider, in order to assess whether a project is worth paying attention to.

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