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A Major Step for Decentralized Governance

Today Tally launched its governance app – which lets anyone easily create and vote on proposals put forth by various DeFi projects. 

The app brings much needed transparency to on-chain governance, not only within specific proposals so users can see which stakeholders are voting and how, but also more broadly within DeFi, by regrouping key projects on a single platform.

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Is Impermanent Loss Overblown?

Some claim it’s never been a more dangerous time to be a Uniswap or Balancer LP due to large price fluctuations. But do trading fees compensate for this loss? Here’s what the data shows.

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Is it time to take DeFi Seriously?

Bitcoin is the blockchain everyone knows. But Ethereum is the one everyone is using, mainly because of the growth in DeFi. Even Bitcoin Maximalists might change their minds after seeing these numbers.

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