Just Launched: LUNAtic Rankings

Just launched: the new LUNAtic Rankings from Flipside Crypto.

This new tool was created by @AngelaMinster in collaboration with the Terra community, including @Cryptoicicle @shreyashpatodia @dougdevine , @msganton, @jp12__, @TZMCrypto, @darksoulsfanlol, Sam, Flipocrypto, and Forports.

With it, you can instantly see your LUNAtic score and see how you stack up against other Terra degens. Are you a Baby Degen, still getting familiar with the ecosystem, or a full-fledged, Adult Swim #LUNAtic who knows their way around even the darkest corners of the ecosystem? 

Your LUNAtic score has the answer. 

That score also helps create a leaderboard of the most ardent #LUNAtics. A leaderboard that protocols can use to reward their most active users.

You can even download the data used to make the leaderboard to do further analysis of your own. We also provide links to each of the queries used to build it if you’d like to do more research.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about the rankings, including the methodology used to calculate this score, or just want to see how you stack up against your fellow LUNAtics, just click below.

Want to learn more about Terra? Check out our recent deep dive into the protocol or join the conversation in our Discord community.

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