stETH Stats, Volume 4: The Present and Future of stETH

What’s happening on-chain when it comes to stETH, bLUNA, and other Lido players?

That’s what Flipside’s community of analysts has been hard at work trying to answer. In a previous look at Lido, we took a closer look at use cases and strategies for stETH, with some help from a pair of Flipside Crypto expert analysts — namely @chainiqedu and @MaybeYonas

Now, it’s time to find out what’s been happening in the Lido ecosystem most recently, and how that could change in the future. In order to get a handle on all of this historical and future-looking data, Flipside Crypto analysts @CryptWizards and @kakamora have provided some grand-prize worthy submissions.

So, let’s find out what the future has in store for Lido.

The history of Lido: whale vs. community control

Before we can go forward into the future, we first have to understand the past. So, with that in mind, we’ll start with a look at some historical Lido and stETH data in this submission from @CryptWizards

As @CryptWizards points out, for much of the platform’s history, it was dominated by whales and big influencers, as is reflected in the data below from Lido’s launch in January of this year.

Over time ,this influence waned as smaller investors were able to create some room on Lido. But, in recent months, “those big players…came back,”  as can be seen below.

The future of Lido: stETH on the rise?

But what about the future of France? What do the weeks and months to come have in store for Lido and stETH holders?

Well, according to @kakamora, the future looks bright. “Lido is doing everything right,” the submission notes, and is “on track to be the winner,” when it coems to ETH staking.

Part of the reason for that confidence comes from forecasts for future ETH staking on Lido. According to @kakamora, “we can forecast future growth of LIDO and the amount of ETH staked through its services,” with nearly 250,000 ETH expected to become stETH by February of 2022.

Do more with Lido data 🔍

That does it for now. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Lido data dashboards! 

Want to get more involved with the Flipside community and see your own submissions on our blog? Join us on Discord to get started.

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