How to Calculate Daily Sales Volume on OpenSea?

OpenSea is a leading peer-to-peer marketplace for rare NFTs and crypto collectibles. Identifying OpenSea’s sales volume and projecting revenue on any time interval is easy with our structured and labeled data in the ethereum.nft_events table. 

Let’s get started with our query. First we will truncate the date to be easily readable and then sum the total price in $US Dollars of sales, counting each NFT token by the token_id variable. 

ethereum.nft_events table is where OpenSeas labeled transactions are stored. The event type for each sale transaction is ‘sale’ where the event platform is ‘opensea’. Group and order by the results to complete the query.

Here’s the resulting table from the query.

Let’s graph these results of the total sales and number of sales per week on OpenSea to visualize them over time:

These results can also be exported via CSV or accessed via an auto-updating API endpoint. 

View the full results here: 

USD Volume Chart:

NFT Volume Chart:

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