WATCH NOW: Learn How To Use The Flipside API

Flipside API

It’s time for another edition of Flipside How-To’s.

In recent weeks, we’ve given you tips on getting started with our bounty questions, what makes the best bounty submissions, and more. Now it’s time to take a closer look at Flipside’s labeled, on-chain data and discover how to access it via your own environment.

To help us just do that, we’ve recruited Flipside’s very own @BlumbergKellen to break down the Flipside API.

Accessing data via the Flipside API

Utilizing the Flipside API and accessing data away from our tools is easy. Just follow the steps outlined by @BlumbergKellen in the video below: 

  1. Start by creating a new query on Velocity
  2. Once you’ve created the query, type or paste your query, and run it
  3. Then, to access this data outside of Velocity, click the API button on the top right.
  4. Next, the unique API endpoint in the URL field of your browser, and copy it
  5. Finally, just paste that API endpoint into your environment of choice

It’s that easy. By using our API and following these steps, you can easily access data away from Velocity.

Start solving bounties

Got a handle on using the Flipside API? Good. Now, put that knowledge into practice, and start getting paid for answering crypto analytics queries.

You can find our Terra bounties here, and Uniswap bounties here. Plus, you can join our community on Discord, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter, the Bounty Brief. That way you won’t miss out on any of our bounties, educational content, and more.

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