Deep Dive: Exploring the World of Polygon dApps

There’s plenty of reasons to be excited about the Polygon ecosystem. 

That includes the improvements it offers over blockchains like Ethereum including increased security and transparency. But it also includes the deep and wide array of dApps supported by Polygon. As we noted in our initial coverage of Polygon, its status as a multichain ecosystem helps to power several interesting and exciting applications. So, as we prepare for the arrival of Flipside data and bounties for Polygon it’s time to take a closer look its dApps ecosystem.


We’ll start our tour of the Polygon dApp landscape by looking at some of the applications that underpin other dApps on the platform — infrastructure dApps. These include oracles, such as the HAPI protocol, Gravity Protocol, Polytools, and more, designed to help support a wide range of applications and use cases. 

It also includes several leading wallets that users can access and use on a wide range of other applications. That includes well-known wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, and more.

Polygon DeFi dApps

Now that you’ve got a wallet set up, dive into the wide array of DeFi dApps supported by Polygon. That includes a wide array of well-known applications, including Curve.Finance, SushiSwap, Aave, and more. Many of these applications also work on other blockchains or networks.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the list of DeFi dApps that support new financial use cases and applications. SportX, for instance, provides a peer-to-peer app that allows users to place bets on soccer games, boxing matches, and other sporting events. Frax Finance, meanwhile, offers “the world’s first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin.”

NFT + Gaming

If you’re looking for more fun than just betting, Polygon’s legion of NFT and Gaming dApps can provide some entertainment. That includes well-known crypto communities like OpenSea, one of the largest marketplaces for NFT and other collectibles, and Decentraland, a virtual game world run by its users. 

Major names in the gaming world are also getting on the Polygon dApp bandwagon. Video game pioneers including the likes of Atari are building games and dApps for the Polygon community. 

Polygon DAO dApps

Want to get involved with the quickly growing world of DAOs? There’s a wide range of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations operating in the Polygon ecosystem. That includes open forums like Potato Media, decentralized file storage organizations like Otterpocket, and more.   


The last stop on our tour of the Polygon dApp ecosystem is the network’s group of B2B apps.

OPU Coin, for instance, is a decentralized platform that could improve the healthcare data economy. Ownest uses blockchain technology to restore trust in the supply chain, while projects like Equate and Parcel Money are designed to help improve skill assessment, hiring, and HR processes.

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