December FTT: How to Acquire ALGOs

What is FTT? 

FTT is the Flipside Token Treasury, which provides Flipside employees with tokens for short-term value creation. 

6x a year we host an FTT Fiesta, where a team member leads an interactive live demonstration to walk through the purchasing of the native cryptocurrency + education and use cases about the crypto itself. 

Flipside funds $500 for each employee to buy and own the crypto.

The FTT embodies both our values and our mission: we are passionate about blockchain technology. We enable blockchains to live up to their full potential.

We want to enable our team to participate — and by making these how-tos public, our community — in the growth of the ecosystems that we are actively supporting. 

We’re always looking for great people to join our team so if you like what you’re reading… check out our career opportunities

December’s FTT Project: Algorand!

Below you will learn how to buy ALGOs and move them to an Algorand Wallet, either the Algorand Official Wallet or the MyAlgo Wallet. 

Feel free to check out the tutorial on . The Lv 1 Scavenger hunt on the site takes you through the process of setting up an Algorand wallet and funding it. You can also continue reading below to learn how to set up your Algorand wallet and fund it.

Buying ALGOs

First we will need to buy Alogrand’s token which is the ALGO. There are a handful of exchanges we can buy Algorand on:

If you do not already have an account on one of these sites, I would recommend creating an account on Coinbase( for ease of use. You can also download coinbase’s app and create an account on your phone. Once we have purchased our ALGO, we will need to set up an Algorand Wallet.

Setting Up an Algorand Wallet

There are a couple different wallets you can store your ALGOs in to interact with the Algorand ecosystem:

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using the Algorand Official Wallet.  The Algorand Official Wallet you have to set up on mobile whereas the MyAlgo Wallet you can set up on your computer. When following the prompts to set up your wallet make sure to write your seed phrase(the random combination of words) on paper and store it in a safe place. You should never share your seed phrase with anyone. This is how you will recover your wallet in case you forget your password. 

Grabbing Your Wallet Address

Once you have set up your Algorand wallet, you will want to grab your address from the wallet. In the Algorand wallet, click the icon next to the 3 dots and across from your wallet name. This will open a QR code and below that you will see your Algorand wallet address. Copy that address and we will paste it into Coinbase.

Sending ALGOs

Go back into the app where you bought your ALGOs. In coinbase, click the Algo asset, then your holdings which will show below the chart. Once you have clicked into your holdings you will see an arrow in the top right corner above the trade button, that is the send button. Type in the dollar amount of ALGOs you want to send to your Algorand, click continue and then paste in your Algorand Wallet address we copied from your wallet in the “To” section. You can now send your ALGOs. Once you have sent your ALGOs open your Algorand wallet and you can now see your funds in there. 

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