You Could Make How Much Solving Flipside Crypto Bounties 📊💰🤯?!?!

Every week, Flipside Crypto posts crypto bounties and invites analysts to earn crypto tokens for answering our questions. And our analysts are making some serious money as a result.

Wait, really? People are really able to make serious money just by answering analytics bounties?

Why yes. Yes, they are.

Top Flipside Analysts Earn Nearly $50k in 10 weeks

Through ten weeks, the top analyst has earned 1047.89 LUNA for answering analytics bounties. 

Yes, you’re reading that right. 1047.89 LUNA in 10 weeks. All without any investment or farming.

That’s a lot of LUNA. Nearly $50,000 worth to be exact. Take that and extend it for a full year and that’s more than $250,000 in gross income from bounties alone. 

Not too bad for a degen.

But this isn’t one whale eating up all of the tasty LUNA — there’s plenty of rewards to go around. 

11 different analysts have won more than 260 LUNA. That’s 11 #LUNAtics with more than $10,00. And a total of 23 analysts took home at least $5,000.

How Yield from Delegation Funds Bounties

Where, exactly, is all this money coming from?

show me the money!!!!!!!!! - Jerry Maguire Show Money | Meme Generator

In the case of Terra, our bounty program was funded via a yield generation model; 500,000 LUNA was delegated to Flipside to stake on a validator node. 

This delegation delivers ~6% yield, funding bounty payments. This yield also funds the management of the program.  

Net result: in a win-win-win scenario, no $LUNA was spent to run the program (win), #LUNAtics received $LUNA for efforts (win) and Flipside was able to cover costs to manage the program (win).  

Get involved

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can get involved with Flipside Crypto’s bounty program.

Simple. Start by joining the Flipside Crypto Discord server and checking out our guide to completing crypto bounties.

Then, check out our full list of open bounties and start getting paid for answering crypto analytics queries and become a full-fledged bounty hunter.

You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter, the Bounty Brief. That way you won’t miss out on any changes to get paid.

Happy hunting!

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