Calling All Writers! Flipside Content Bounties Are Now Available

Flipside crypto content bounties

If you know Flipside Crypto, you know we love DeFi and want to support the community around it. 

We usually look to do just that by offering on-chain analytics, including free structured and labeled data, and reward analysts with crypto bounties for the insights they create. You can find those here.

But because those opportunities typically require SQL skills, we know they aren’t for everyone — and we want everyone to get involved. That’s why we’re now offering content bounties to our community of DeFi analysts. 

So, if you know how to build a brilliant blog post, create incredible infographics, compelling video content, or anything else, we want to see it. Here’s how to get involved.

Flipside Content Bounties

We’ll be offering two types of content bounties as part of this new program. 

Data Analysis submissions will always be open, and can be submitted at any time. To enter, just provide a compelling analysis of any Flipside data dashboard or set of dashboards you see published on velocity. Any type of content is accepted (blog posts, videos, diagrams), but all submissions must be publicly available and link back to at least twice.

Content Competitions meanwhile, will be calls for specific blog posts or other types of content. These will have specific topics and guidelines and will be due on a particular day. Anyone can submit to these competitions, but only three prizes will be awarded. First place will win 50 LUNA or 300 USDC, while second place will get 25 LUNA or 150 USDC, and third place will receive 10 LUNA or 50 USDC.

You can submit to either category, or both, using this form. Our team will then evaluate and approve content and post winning submissions to the Flipside blog.

Content criteria and grading

Posts will be evaluated and approved based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness and accuracy (did you address the prompt and answer it fully)
  • Definitions (did you use the correct data source, the right assumptions, and the proper definitions of various terms)
  • Data and visualizations (did you present accurate and interesting data and visualizations to help users understand your findings)
  • Insights (did you provide a compelling narrative that helps explain and justify your conclusions)
  • The best posts will be enjoyable to read, easy to understand and offer insights and value to the reader. Don’t just tell us you did something — show us how you did it, what surprised you, and why it matters.

Now, go create some great content and submit it to us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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