Compound Data Dashboards: See The Best of The Bunch

Welcome back to our Compound data dashboards of the week! Each week, we turn people’s data questions into crypto bounties for data analysts to solve. 

In this edition, we’ve got a total of three Compound bounties to show off. That includes queries on average loan amount, debt, and token comparison.

Let’s get started.

Average loans on Compound more than $600k

First up is an analysis of the average loan amount on Compound. There were a few different correct ways to answer this question, so we’re going to highlight a trio of submissions here, from jacktheguy, @sriramvas, and @mawut0r.

We’ll start with jacktheguy. This submission found that the average loan amount borrowed came to more than $600,00.

@sriramvas, on the other hand, also found that the average loan came to more than $600,000. His calculations produced a slightly different exact total, however, of $662,571.06. 

@mawut0r, meanwhile, examined the average based on the “loan_amount_usd” column in Flipside Crypto’s compound.borrows table. This submission also evaluated how the average has changed over the past six months, with the high coming in February, as can be seen below.

Compound data dashboards

The leading debtor on Compound

Next, we have a look at debt on Compoun —  specifically, the addresses with the most debt. We once again have a pair of great submissions to feature for this question, from @Tayneurdancer and LTCM.

@Tayneurdancer and LTCM both pinpointed the leading debtor wallet as owing more than $3.7 billion in debt.

Both of these bounty hunters also provided great answers to other bounty questions this week. Check out @Tayneurdancer’s submission here and LTCM’s here.

Comparing supplied tokens

Our final data Compound dashboard comes from @alib425, who offered a deep dive into the supplies of various tokens.

As we can see in the graph below featuring the top 50 borrowers on Compound by USD, the gap between the top 10 “whales” and the rest of the borrowers is vast. As @alib425 points out, the difference between the top borrower and even the third-highest borrower is nearly $100 million USDC. That’s equivalent to an 8.5% gap — much larger than the 2.7% gap between the top two.

Compound data dashboards

@alib425 also provided some great commentary and insights for his bounty. Make sure you check out his submission

Get involved with Compound

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Compound data dashboards.

Want to get more involved with Flipside’s incredible community and see your own submissions on our blog? Then make sure to join us on Discord, follow on Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter, the Bounty Brief.

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