Compound Grants and Flipside Crypto Launch Community-Enabled Analytics with $50,000 in Bounties

The first batch of bounties will go out on Thursday, April 22nd from the Flipside and Compound Discords!

Compound Grants is partnering with Flipside Crypto to enable and reward the creation of insights by and for the community. 

Compound Grants is an independent grants program focused on funding projects that make Compound better. Funding for Compound Grants came from the Compound community treasury. 

Through this program, Flipside is placing its on-chain analysis tools in the hands of Compound community members – empowering them to produce crowd-sourced insights and create data dashboards while earning rewards in the process. 

$50,000 worth of COMP tokens will be used to reward bounty submissions that successfully answer community-sourced questions with Flipside’s on-chain data. 

Example queries are already up on the Flipside app and can be accessed here. Below are some examples of the types of questions that can be answered using Flipside’s on-chain data and tools. 

How much is Compound making in revenue daily? 

API Access

What is the total value locked of each asset on Compound? 

API Access

How much is being borrowed on Compound daily, per asset? 

API Access

How much interest are users accruing on Compound, per asset? 

API Access

View the full dashboard: 

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