Coming SOON to Flipside: Solana Data & Bounties  

In the next few weeks, Solana’s on-chain data will be made available for free on the Flipside platform, and analytics bounties paid out in $SOL will be launched weekly! 

A Major Step Towards a Multi-Chain Future

As Zhu Su and Hasu explain in a recent episode of Uncommon Core (and well summarized here by @isaac_mung), the future of crypto is multi-chain. Ethereum is no longer the only relevant smart contract blockchain, and is in fact having a hard time keeping up with faster and cheaper Proof-of-Stake alternatives like Terra, Algorand and of course – Solana. 

Solana is the scaling solution for blockchains. Its technology is highlighting the benefits of low transaction costs and incredibly fast transactions for driving mass adoption, the success of which can be seen in the exponential growth of its NFT and gaming communities. Solana has also successfully integrated (via Wormhole) with other leading layer 1s, which positions them at the forefront of a multi-chain future. 

In this multi-chain space, cross-chain analytics is key. Flipside already provides curated Terra and Ethereum blockchain data. Adding Solana data dramatically amplifies the range and power of the analysis that anyone can perform. 

Community members have built amazing things on other chains, like this LUNAtic score to rank Terra addresses and this THORchain console with key metrics. 

Solana Bounties for Tools, Analytics and New Users

Solana bounties will be used to reward the creation of tools and analytics from the community, for the community. What would you like to know about Solana? We’re sourcing bounty ideas here. 

There’s a hunger for new tools that empower users to make more informed decisions when it comes to crypto (see these calculators for Uniswap V3 and Anchor as examples), and for quality real-time analytics accessible to all, for free. Solana bounties will empower analysts to use Flipside’s labeled on-chain data to work on crowd-sourced projects, from simple dashboards that update in real-time, to more complex tooling, adjustable for curated insights. 

Bounties are also a great way to expose new users to the ecosystem. Over 500 people have completed our intro to Solana scavenger hunt (re-opening this December, stay tuned on Discord!). We understand that learning about a completely new crypto project can be tricky, and that taking the time to do so should be rewarded as well.  

We’re incredibly excited to start delivering Solana data for you to dive into in a few short weeks. We’re already sourcing questions from the community so feel free to submit your ideas using our question vault! 

Buckle in. It’s going to be a wild 2022 for Solana, and we’re here to take that journey with you! 

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