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Top 25 Blockchain Projects: August FCAS

The overall industry average has gone up significantly this month. Ethereum 2.0 went live on TestNet; Zcash further decentralized governance; Brave brought private web browsing to iOS; and Horizen lets anyone customize their own blockchain.

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Top 25 Projects in Crypto July 2020

Members of the FCAS 25 are reevaluated each month and must be ranked within the top 25 for at least 40 days to qualify. Today, a new set of members was released. This month, OMG (OMG Network) is new to the list.

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STX FCAS is now live!

Announced in early February, Blockstack is rolling out a new consensus mechanism called “Proof of Transfer” (PoX). The new blockchain, currently on testnet, presents a new use case for Bitcoin: Miners will need to buy BTC and post it with any block they want to mine.

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