The Bounty Brief #12: Your Guide To Earning Crypto

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Now, onto the main attractions. We’ve got the best bounties from around the space, here in your guide to earning crypto for helping protocols grow.

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Terra 🌎

🍳 [EASY] Whale Spotting 🐋

Bounty: Up to 71.51 LUNA

Description: Who are the top Terra whales and what do they do on Terra? Your answer should include a description of your definition of a whale, as well as addresses for the whales you’ve identified, and at least 3 different types of transactions / interactions they are performing (ex. staking, swapping).

🍳 [EASY] Rewards Analysis 💰

Bounty: Up to 71.51 LUNA

Description: On Luna, staking rewards come from three sources: gas (compute fees), taxes, and seigniorage rewards. In the past 30 days, what was the average rewards per unit of Luna for a validator? What was the distribution of rewards to validator addresses? What percentage of rewards do the top 10 largest reward earning addresses earn?

🍳 [EASY] How is UST being used? 🪙

Bounty: Up to 71.51 LUNA

Description: What are the main uses of the UST stablecoin on Terra? Is UST being used on protocols/apps or with centralized exchanges? Look at both volume and number of transactions.

🍳 [EASY] Burn bLuna Burn 🔥

Bounty: Up to 71.51 LUNA

Description: Using Anchor, there are two ways to burn your bLuna to redeem your Luna. “Burn” utilizes the bLuna protocol and uses the current exchange but requires 21 days, and “Instant Burn” utilizes TerraSwap which has no time lag but might suffer trade slippage and Terraswap commission. In the past 30 days, what is the ratio of Instant Burns to Burns?

👷 [HARD] Liquidity Pools on TerraSwap 💧

Bounty: Up to 143.03 LUNA

Description: Terraswap is a Uniswap-inspired automated market-maker (AMM) protocol, implemented with smart contracts on the Terra blockchain.
Please give a high level summary of its current state: What are the largest liquidity pools (by 24 hour swap volume) on Terraswap? Has that changed over the past 3 months?

👷 [HARD] Liquidations on Anchor

Bounty: Up to 143.03 LUNA

Description: From Terra Whitepaper: To prohibit borrowers from defaulting on their loans, Anchor incentivizes liquidators to observe and liquidate loans with an LTV ratio above the allowed maximum. The Liquidation Contract is used to convert collaterals of a liquidating loan to Terra stablecoins, which are then used to repay the loan. To get an understanding of how this function is being utilized, please provide the following data points: On Anchor, how many liquidations have occurred in the past 90 days? How many addresses got liquidated?

See all Terra Bounties 🌎

Bounty: Up to 143.03 LUNA

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 143.03 LUNA as a reward.

Uniswap 🦄

🍳 [EASY] Voting Behavior 🗳️

Bounty: Up to 10.27 UNI

Description: Let’s talk voting behavior. Pick the top 5 addresses that have had tokens delegated to them for voting; define the metric that makes them the largest; and briefly review their voting history over the past 6 months. Are there any common trends (ex. are they voting frequently or infrequently? Are the top 5 addresses tending to vote the same way?)

👷 [HARD] Defi Users vs. Newbies 🆚

Bounty: Up to 20.10 UNI

Description: Are Uniswap users coming from other Defi projects? We want to understand if we are seeing a flow of users and tokens from other similar protocols or if many of the users are new to the DeFi ecosystem. To solve this challenge, you need to answer the following questions: – What is the USD-equivalent breakdown of tokens other than UNI in Uniswap users’ wallets/addresses? How has this changed over time? – Of users who have deposited in other pools/protocols, how much of their total wallet is UNI (share of wallet)? Has that changed over time?

See all Uniswap Bounties 🦄

Bounty: Up to 20.10 UNI

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 27.83 UNI as a reward.

🦸 Sovryn

Sovryn Analytics Dashboard

Bounty: Up to 309.45 SOV

Description: The Covalent API already supports the RSK Mainnet and Testnet to provide granular and historical RSK blockchain network data through their industry-leading ‘Class A’ endpoints . This challenge is to create a detailed Sovryn Analytics Dashboard powered by the Covalent API. This would be an improvement to the existing

RSK-Sovryn Wallet

Bounty: Up to 309.45 SOV

Description: The Covalent API already supports the RSK Mainnet and Testnet to provide granular and historical RSK blockchain network data through their industry-leading ‘Class A’ endpoints . This challenge is to create a RSK-based wallet dashboard, powered by the Covalent API, which displays balances, transactions, token transfers, NFTs, portfolio values and analytics (e.g. historical trends, ROI) for a RSK wallet. The wallet should also incorporate some Sovryn trading features and analytics.

🎶 Harmony

Create AWS Cloudwatch Synthetics Canary Scripts For Testing RPC Endpoints ☁️

Bounty: Up to 8182.76 ONE

Description: Create AWS Cloudwatch Synthetics Canary scripts for every RPC method and workflow. See UI example here. This bounty only requires the creation of the syn-nodejs-puppeteer scripts.

🕸️ Bluzelle

CMS Plugin For Bluzelle Web Hosting Services 🖥️

Bounty: Up to 2,500 USDC

Description: Bluzelle has a web-serving endpoint has has been built as a working POC. It allows an entire website to be hosted upon the database. This is done by allowing each file in the website to be stored as a key and value pair. Files can be referenced relative to the root path of the website, just like any standard web server. A key value of this service is high availability and censorship-resistance — a website hosted this way on Bluzelle cannot be taken down by anyone. To do so would require an attack on the network that would have to breach the very core of our ProofOfStake blockchain consensus algorithm.

💍 Golem

Interactive Image Classifier – Golem Network Beta.2 Bounty 🖼️

Bounty: Up to 11999.98 GLM

Description: Since Beta.2 Golem supports a new model of computation – services. In contrast with batch tasks such as what developers were initially limited to in the Beta.1, services are expected to be long-running processes that don’t have any natural completion point but rather are started and stopped on explicit command. The goal of this project is to build a service on Golem which enables interaction with an image classifier. The service is expected to allow its users to train the classifier on-line as well as submit images for classification. Details of the classification algorithm are not specified and can be decided by the implementer of the project.

🔗 EIP-712

Add Support Of EIP-712 Signatures 🖊️

Bounty: Up to 11999.98 GLM

Description: EIP-712: Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing This standard is used in 0x, Gnosis Safe contracts and in other protocols on top of Ethereum. Thus the abovementioned functionality would be widely used by every app interacting with those protocols.

🟥 Agoric

Port Chainlink Price Feed Contracts To Agoric ⛓️

Bounty: Up to $6,400

Description: This issue is to port the core Chainlink aggregation contract functions into Agoric: FluxAggregator.sol; AccessControlAggregator.sol. Implementation must be written in JavaScript following Agoric’s smart contract model. The contract must result in a PriceAuthority API that the Agoric Treasury can consume. The Agoric team will review the initial design and will be available for consultation on implementation questions.

Implement AMM Curve For Like-Asset Pairs In Agoric ⤵️

Bounty: Up to $9,600

Description: Implement a curve for Agoric’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) which minimizes slippage, similar to’s StableSwap in Ethereum. A completed bounty will include: A new version of bondingCurves.js using a new curve structure; An update to Agoric’s MultiPool Autoswap contract to include a term that chooses which bonding curve to use

Build A Pool-Based Loan Protocol On Agoric 🏊‍♂️

Bounty: Up to $6,400

Description: Launch a basic pool-based loan protocol on Agoric. Functionality should align with pooled loan protocols on other chains (e.g., Compound, Aave, Cream, etc).

🏆Bounty Submission of the Week 🏆

Welcome back to our Bounty Submission of the Week!

In this week’s edition, it’s time to take a closer look at data from our Terra launch. To do so, we’re getting help from @scottincrypto. Scott took a look at the inflow of new users to Terra in recent weeks.

The graph below examines new wallet addresses (defined as those with their first non-zero balance in Terra native coins). As we can see, these addresses spent most of the past few months being added at a rate of more than 5,000 per day. In the past week or so, however, there’s been a notable spike of as many as 20,000 users per day.

Bounty Brief #12

@scottincrypto had plenty more insights on new user activity in the Terra ecosystem, including new Anchor and Mirror user analysis, as well as a look at whales on the platform. Check out his submission here.

Good luck with your bounties this week🤞🍀 Make sure you join our community on Discord to keep up with all things bounties and get answers to any questions you have about solving our queries:

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