See The 5 Best Uniswap Data Dashboards To Debut This week

Welcome back to our Uniswap data dashboards of the week! Each week, we turn people’s data questions into crypto bounties for data analysts to solve. 

In this edition, we’ve got two terrific Uniswap bounties to show off. That includes queries on voting power distribution and the recent ETH price drop.

Let’s get started.

Uniswap voting: Who’s got the power? 🗳️

In our first submission, @scottincrypto examines voting power distribution on Uniswap.

As we can see in the graph below from @scottincrypto’s submission, the bottom 10% of voters cast a grand total of zero votes, despite holding more than 5,000 UNI. The top 10% of voters, meanwhile, cast 105 million votes, dwarfing even the next tier down, which only cast 72,000 votes.

Uniswap data dashboards voting power

As @scottincrypto notes, this distribution skew indicates that a significant portion of UNI voting rights has been delegated to a small number of accounts. In fact, it appears they have dedicated voting accounts on, a site where UNI holders can discover delegates.

Real liquidity in ETH pools drops along with price 📉

In our next submission, we have a look at the recent ETH price drop and how it impacted liquidity in Uniswap’s WETH pools.

As Crypgoat notes, ETH has tumbled more than 50% from all-time highs in recent weeks, with prices bottoming out at less than $1800. During that drop, the net flow of liquidity into WETH pools was positive, coming to roughly $80.5 million. But on June 21, June 24, and June 26, real liquidity did decrease, as can be seen below.

Uniswap data dashboards real liquidity

However, when we examine both inflows and outflows in liquidity, Crypgoat points out, the decreases in real liquidity seem less significant. As we can see in the graph below, outflows only surpassed inflows by a small amount on a proportional basis.

Real liquidity adjusted

Get involved

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Uniswap data dashboards

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