This week’s best Terra data dashboards

Happy Monday, folks. We’re once again kicking off the week by highlighting some of the best Terra data dashboards from the past week.

We’ve got six bounty submissions to highlight this week, including submissions from @sriramarun, @lejimmy, Crypgoat, and @shreyashpatodia. Let’s dive in 

Swaps, addresses peak in May… 📈

First up is a dashboard from @sriramarun that examines the volume of swaps on the Terraswap platform in recent months. 

As we can see in the data below, there was a notable spike in both the volume of swaps and the addresses interacting with TerraSwap in mid-May, likely due to the overall tumult in the space. During that time period, LUNA-UST pairs accounted for more than three-quarters of total swap volume.

Terra data dashboard Terraswap

…so does total LUNA burned… 🔥

May’s volatility wasn’t just apparent on Terraswap, as we’ll see in our next dashboard from Crypgoat. 

In this submission, the focus is on volume trends when it comes to LUNA — specifically the amount of LUNA burned each day. As the submission shows, roughly 25,000 bLuna is burned per day through the bLuna protocol, while 46,000 bLuna is burned through Terraswap. But in mid-May, spurred by the volatility and downward price movement, several big spikes occurred, the largest coming on May 22, when more than 4 million tokens were burned.

…and account liquidations 💧

Account liquidations were on the rise in May as well. That’s the story of this next submission from @shreyashpatodia, who examined liquidations specifically on the Anchor platform. 

As we can see below, liquidations spiked from May 19 to May 23, though that may not be surprising given the overall downward action. What was more surprising, however, was the amount of liquidations on Anchor during that time period. According to the data from @shreyashpatodia, this marked the first time several users were liquidated multiple times in one day. 

The largest Terra whale holds USD $126 Million+ in LUNA 🐋

Let’s move on from May volatility and examine other parts of the ecosystem. Next up is a bounty submission from @lejimmy, who engaged in some whale-watching.

For @lejimmy, whales are defined by addresses in the top 0.01% of wallets in terms of holdings. In this case, that means the top 300 accounts out of 3 million active accounts on the platform. @lejimmy also excluded certain addresses, mostly those with address names, which indicate community pools and other similar vehicles. 

As we can see below, the top whale under those requirements boasts a massive balance of more than $116 million. Two others have more than $90 million.

Terra data dashboard Terraswap whales

Terra rewards on the rise 🪙

Next up is a look at validator rewards from Crypgoat. 

There’s a lot of goodness to take in here, but for our purposes, we’ll focus on total daily rewards. As we can see below, staking rewards were highly variable throughout much of June due to fluctuations in the price of LUNA. More recently though, rewards have been on the rise, peaking at more than $240,000 on July 8.

Total daily LUNA rewards

Amount of UST on other chains increases 🌐

Last but not least is a submission from @shreyashpatodia, who examined UST usage on various other chains and platforms. 

As we can see below, there’s a big amount of UST on Ethereum, NSC, and other chains. In fact, more UST has lived outside of Terra as time has gone on, with the total amounts peaking at more than 350 million on various platforms.

UST in other chains

Get involved 🔍

That does it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted such great Terra data dashboards! 

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