Best Marketers in Blockchain

Presented by Flipside Crypto and The Tie.

The 34 individuals presented in this report are the marketing managers who not only rose to the occasion, but launched it out of the stratosphere. Their strategies proved to increase exposure for their blockchain network on social media, which translated into growth in their company’s fundamental health data. 

Blockchain marketers face a very unique challenge. Not only do they have to compete with thousands of other platforms to attract a limited set of developers, but they also have to raise awareness about nascent (but powerful!) technology that the mainstream still associates with hackers and criminal activity. To top it off, they have to grow this product globally from the get-go, to keep the network decentralized. All that, without any playbook of course. 

Flipside Crypto collaborated with the Tie to identify these gamechangers, whose organizations were measured by the lift in FCAS Rating, which indicates user and developer activity as well as overall market risk, and growth in Twitter mentions across 2020.

As a non-profit foundation, we need to make sure every resource is put to good use for a clear ecosystem benefit, and there isn’t a public blockchain marketing playbook. We are creating it as we go.”

Ricky Dodds
Strategy & Communications Lead at ICON


“Ultimately, I want our marketing of Stellar and our marketing support of the Stellar ecosystem to be a reason why people and companies want to build on Stellar.”

Jordan Edelstein
Chief Marketing Officer at Stellar

Philipp Eryushev
Chief Marketing Officer at Waves

Patty Fisher
Chief Marketing Officer at EOS

Yuan Gao
Head of Marketing at NEO

“The most challenging aspect of leading marketing efforts in this industry is ensuring that you are the signal and not the noise.”

Joäo Gomes
Head of Growth at UTRUST


Brad Hammerstron
Marketing Director at Syscoin

“When I was 6 years old, I sold chewing gum to the children in my neighborhood for twice the price I paid. I told them that I had bought the chewing gum from an old witch in the forest. Everyone found that very exciting. So I learned my first lesson in marketing.

Regine Haschka-Helmer
Director of Market Strategy at Iota

Yi He
Co-founder & CMO at Binance Coin

Nathaniel Hindman
Head of Growth at Bancor

Blaine Johnson
Head of Marketing & Communications at OmiseGO

Naome Jones
Social Media Coordinator at NANO

“If I take a day off from looking at twitter and telegram, I’m always shook at how much has happened. You know there’s constant innovation when its hard to keep up.”

Isa Kivlighan
Digital Marketing Manager at Aave


“To stand out, you need to stand for something and to make people feel something strongly.”

Matt Law
Head of Marketing at


Pasath Liyanaarachchi
Community Manager at Republic Protocol

Monica Long
SVP Marketing at XRP

“The use cases for blockchain technology are endless, but what marketer is an expert in every industry?”

Maryam Mahjoub
Global Marketing Manager at Cardano


“Crypto is unlike any other industry. The people, the news, the regulations. Everything is fast paced and changing all of the time. My advice to anyone entering this sector is to not get bogged down in the detail. Be adaptable and test everything.”

Jonathan Marriott
Marketing Manager at Electroneum


“User privacy is at the forefront of all Brave decisions. But this presents challenges for digital marketers. For example, we don’t use Google Analytics on our website and we don’t track our users. This means, we have a lot less data than other companies.”

Des Martin
Head of Marketing at Brave 


Collin JG Miles
Chief Commercial Officer at Zilliqa

Jay Milla
Director of Marketing at Litecoin

It’s not your product that people buy, but what it enables them to do.”

Federico Molina
Head of Marketing & Growth at Decentraland

Coulter Mulligan
Head of Marketing at MakerDAO

“It’s nothing like what I did before. I mostly worked for Fortune 500 brands before, where multiple weekly announcements was unheard of. The community is curious, involved, opinionated and very often financially and emotionally invested in projects and principles they believe in.”

Maggie Ng
EVP, Head of Marketing at Chain


Anh Nguyen
Head of Marketing & Operation at TomoChain

Deniz Omer
Head of Ecosystem Growth at Kyber Network

Kasper Rasmussen
Head of Marketing at Bitfinex at Tether

“I think Blockchain has, by far, the biggest potential to change how the global economy works, and it’s what Im passionate about. This is what I think about 99% of the day. I want to do my part and see if I can help accelerate the adoption.”

Matt Taylor
Former Marketing Lead at 0x (Currently Marketing Lead at Solana)

Garth Travers
Communications Manager at Synthetix Network Token


Yvette XIA
Head of PR at VeChain

“We are a big fan of FCAS, it helps us to measure the health of the entire network, as well as the growth.”

Anthurine Xiang
Chief Marketing Officer at QuarkChai


Bryan Ye
Director of Marketing at Wanchain

“Our original roadmap was to release new products in 6-month cycles. This seems normal in the traditional software company, but it’s considered long in the blockchain space. People in this space prefer more frequent updates and have a stake in the development.”

Xie Yingyao
Marketing Manager at Bluzelle


“Everyone involved in this space is incredibly passionate about their projects, and from a marketing perspective, it’s imperative to create strategies that actively tap into and acknowledge the enthusiasm of this audience. 

Adelyn Zhou
CMO & Head of Marketing at Chainlink


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