The Best Analytical Brains in Blockchain


Blockchain data is complex. It’s opaque. It’s squirrely. It’s an alien crash landing on top of traditional datasets that have dominated industries for decades…but the analytical minds below don’t care. They’re not afraid. In fact, they’re downright excited to kick the door open into a new realm of innovation and progress.

The growing industry needs them more than ever to transform blockchain data into value. At Flipside, we transform data into BI for blockchains to grow their networks. Other companies like Chainalysis, examine the data to track down illicit activity. Many, if not most, sell the insights to crypto investors for trading.


Known Quantities

Known Quantities are the individuals who have created a name for themselves in the space. Most work for blockchain analytics companies, but many do not. In this category you’ll find traders, independent researchers, and inevitably a lot of Founders and CEOs.


Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes are the individuals who are working behind the scenes, manipulating, analyzing and communicating data to solve previously unsolvable problems. They are often data scientists or engineers, who offer business intelligence that has a huge impact on the bottom line. They know their stuff, but are not in the spotlight (yet).

Known Quantities

Aaron Henshaw

CTO & Co-Founder at Bison Trails // @aaronhenshaw

Knows how to wear a great knit cap.

Adam Traidman

CTO & Co-Founder at BRD & Blockset // @ATraidman

Initially dismissed crypto until overhearing a converstaion with Andreessen horowitz execs.

Ambre Soubiran

CEO at Kaiko // @ambresoub

First intro to the crypto space was a 25 person meetup in a dark basement.

Anders Brownworth

Principal Architect at The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston // @anders94

Actively training to be one of the first civilians in space.

Anthony Pompliano

Co-Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital // @APompliano

Convinced Bill Burr to buy Bitcoin.

Chris Burniske

Partner at Placeholder // @cburniske

Marine scientist who didn’t like finance.

Haseeb Qureshi

Managing Partner at DragonFly // @hosseeb

Began playing poker with $50 at the age of 16. A year later, he’d made over $100,000.


Crypto Researcher at Deribit Insights // @hasufl

A legend and a mystery.

Jameson Lopp

CEO at Casa // @lopp

Spent 30K to mask his public identity following an armed hostage threat.

Jonathan Levin

Co-Founder & CSO at Chainalysis // @jony_levin

Initially thought he would become an environmental economist. His advice: “Don’t meet your co-founders on Reddit”.

Konstantin Richter

CEO at Blockdaemon // @konstantin11

Polyglot & serial software entrepreneur.

Larry Cermak

Director of Research at TheBlock // @lawmaster

Remains a nocoiner and crypto skeptic.

Lex Sokolin

Co-lead Fintech & DeFi at Consensys // @LexSokolin

Called founding a company while getting his JD/MBA “a reckless but fun decision”. Also a practicing visual artist.

Lou Kerner

Co-Founder & Partner at CryptoMondays // @loukerner

Created Crypto Mondays, the world’s largest crypto meetup.

Lucas Nuzzi

Network Data Product Manager at Coin Metrics // @LucasNuzzi

Stumbled onto Bitcoin while in College. Also, it’s pronounced “nootz-e” not “noozieS”.

Martin Weiss

CEO at Weiss Ratings // @martindweiss

Has been rating financial institutions and insurance companies since ’87.

Mike Alfred

Co-Founder & CEO at Digital Assets Data // @mikealfred

Poker player & ultramarathoner.

Mitch Liu

Co-Founder & CEO at Theta Labs // @mitchliu

Wrote his thesis on interactive storytelling at MIT. Founded several companies that were early in mobile advertising and mobile gaming.

Mrinalini “Ria” Bhutoria

Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets // @riabhutoria

Former sell side researcher at Credit Suisse.

Nic Carter

Co-Founder at Coin Metrics // @nic__carter

Partner at Castle Island Ventures and host of On the Brink podcast. Ask him about his FUD dice.

Qiao Wang

Head of Product at Messari // @QWQiao

I post bad takes on crypto and markets so I can learn from smarter people.

Rafael Schultze-Kraft

Co-Founder & CTO at Glassnode // @n3ocortex


Ryan Sean Adams

Founder of Mythos Capital at Mythos Capital // @RyanSAdams

His goal is to help bring a billion people to crypto over the coming decades.

Ryan Selkis

Co-Founder & CEO at Messari // @twobitidiot

In crypto since it was Bitcoin 2.0.

Sasha Ivanov

Founder of Waves Platform // @sasha35625

“The moment I understood how Bitcoin worked was a huge Eureka moment for me, a life-changing revelation, and I decided to devote the rest of my career to making distributed ledgers accessible for everybody.”

Su Zhu

CEO at Three Arrows Capital // @zhusu

Him and Hasu write together. Big trader & crypto investor.

Tom Shaughnessy

Co-Founder at Delphi Digital // @Shaughnessy119

Loves New York people and Tel Aviv beaches.

Tuur Demeester

Founder of Adamant Capital // @TuurDemeester

Recommended Bitcoin as an investment to his readers at $5 in 2012.

Vijay Boyapati

Senior Software Engineer at Peach Inc. // @real_vijay

Thinks Bitcoin is the most important innovation in money in a thousand years.

Willy Woo

Co-Founder at Hypersheet // @woonomic

Practices mindfulness. From New Zealand but lives in Indonesia.

Unsung Heroes

Adrianna Czerwińska

Blockchain Data Team Leader at Coinfirm // LinkedIn

Software testing engineer turned math teacher turned data scientist.

Alex Treece

Co-Founder at Zabo // @alextreece1

Has written extensively on crypto-economics. Explains that the right way to think about crypto is as an alternative financial system.

Anatoly Pozdeev

Big Data Engineer at Santiment // LinkedIn

Dreams to compete in an Ironman triathlon. Height 186cm, greek nose, nordic character.

Andre Cronje

Chief Crypto Code Reviewer at CryptoBriefing // @AndreCronjeTech

A lab accident away from becoming a super villain.

Angela Minster

Senior Data Scientist at Flipside Crypto //LinkedIn

A true data phanatic, Angela Minster is a philly phavorite, whose data-driven maps and visualizations have made her into a local celebrity.

Bert Kellerman

Data Science Manager at CipherTrace //LinkedIn

Former Navy SEAL turned blockchain security & data science expert.

Christopher Goes

Researcher at Tendermint / Cosmos // @cwgoes

Has a cool personal blog called Pluranimity.

Cathy Barrera

Founding Economist at Prysm Group // @cathybarreraphd

That should say Dr. Barrera. Collaborator of the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab. Tenure-track faculty at Cornell University. Chief Economist at ZipRecruiter.

Darren Lau Toh Fai

Market Research Analyst at CoinGecko // @Darrenlautf

Yield farmer. Author of How to DeFi.

David Lawant

Research Analyst at Bitwise Asset Management // @DavidLawant_BTC

“Someone told me this Bitcoin thing might be a big deal.”

Derek Walter

Data Scientist at Digital Asset Management // LinkedIn

Wants to be remembered for his ability to “flexibly connect disparate topics and synthesize technical solutions to considerable problems”.

Do Kwon

Co-Founder & CEO at Terra // @d0h0k1

Got into crypto in 2017 by randomly joining a chat room with friends.

Eddy Lazzarin

Data Scientist at Andreessen Horowitz // @eddylazzarin

Also a partner on the a16z crypto investment team. Previously a software engineer at Netflix and Facebook.

Eric Stone

Head of Data Science at Flipside Crypto // @theericstone

Eric was a government spy, and probably knows what you did in 2011(he was actually building algorithms to predict geo-political events).

Evan Azevedo

Developer Advocate at Amberdata // LinkedIn

Passionate about data, finance, and AI. A generalist and lover of the sciences.

Fredrik Haga

Co-Founder at Dune Analytics // @hagaetc

Tone deaf music buff. Avid freestyle skier.

Gareth James

Director of Token Analysis at Radar // LinkedIn

Previous wealth management intern at Merrill Lynch before joining Goldman Sachs as a private wealth management operations analyst.

Gerald Chee Weimin

Head of Research at CoinMarketCap // LinkedIn

Introduced and launched the CoinMarketCap Liquidity Metric to help the industry understand the importance of Liquidity over Volume. Focused on Strategic Market Research and Industry Trends.

Greg Cipolaro

Director of Research at NYDIG // @GregCipolaro

Loves technology, finance, behavioral economics, and childhood nostalgia.

Gregory Barbaccia

Head of Investigations at Elementus // @Intel_Etc

Expert in counterintelligence, insider threat, and corporate espionage.

Heidi Wilder

Cryptocurrency Intelligence Team Lead at Elliptic // LinkedIn

Currently leads counterterrorism and other threat intelligence efforts for financial institutions and crypto businesses worldwide.

Hong Kim

CTO at Bitwise Asset Management // @hongkim_

Formerly software security researcher in the Korean military.

Jake Lim

Head of Product at Xangle // LinkedIn

Intelligence officer for the Republic of Korea Air Force.

James Li

Data Scientist at CryptoCompare // LinkedIn

Calls himself a wannabe data scientist. Clearly he’s made it.

Jendrik Poloczek

Analytics at Coinbase // @madewithtea

Predicts transactions that will happen in the next block with a 90% probability.

Joe Kelly

CEO at Unchained Capital // @josephkelly

A pilot since 2014.

Johnson (Wenjie) X.

Head of Research & Analytics at TokenInsight // LinkedIn

Fintech expert on all levels: cryptocurrency, neobank, Robo-advisor, data analytics…

Jonathan Geenty

Data Scientist at Coin Metrics // @geenty

Wants to use machine learning to improve personal finance for all humans.

Joshua Frank

Co-Founder at TheTIE // LinkedIn

Stablecoin connoisseur.

Karim Helmy

Data Analyst at Coin Metrics // @karimhelpme

A fan of game theory, ethics, and deadpan humor.

Kilian Heeg

Data Scientist at Glassnode // LinkedIn

Accumulated a fair amount of young researcher awards.

Lana Ivina

Blockchain Researcher at TokenAnalyst // LinkedIn

“Ninja problem solver”.

Leonid Rusnac

Research Data Scientist at Chainalysis // @funwithgraphs

Professional data wrangler.

Lucas Outumuro

Senior Analyst at IntoTheBlock // @LucasOutumuro

Actively researching DeFi, crypto derivatives and technology broadly.

Maksim Balashevich

Founder & CEO at Santiment // @balance_ra

Yogic way of life frames his human-focused, balanced approach to building communities and decentralized platforms.

Matt Ahlborg

Data Scientist at // @MattAhlborg

Intelligence Analyst and Linguist turned Data Scientist with an obsession for emerging financial technologies and their corresponding impact on our globalizing world.

Matt Curcio

VP of Data at Ripple // LinkedIn

Has a deep interest in intellectual property and holds patents in the AdTech space, apparel tech and data privacy.

Matt Cutler

CEO at Blocknative Corporation // @mcutler

Focused on making mempool data fun and easy to work with. Husband. Father. Son. Cyclist.

Max Bronstein

Institutional & Ventures Coverage at Coinbase // @max_bronstein

Enjoys geeking out on investing, data science, basketball, and cali burritos.

Max Galka

Cofounder and CEO at Elementus // @galka_max

Entrepreneur and all around data geek living in NYC. Aspiring vegetarian. An information privacy paranoid.

Michael Jordan

Galaxy Digital

Nate McKervey

Head of Blockchain & DLT at Splunk // @DataPhysicist

Competes in the Rubik’s Cube World Championship. Likes grilling and playing table tennis.

Nik Bhatia

Professor of Finance and Business at USC Marshall // @timevalueofbtc

Bitcoin’s supply schedule initially hooked him, but Lightning was the force that pulled him in.

Olivier Porté

Co-Founder at Alpha Vantage // LinkedIn

Met his co-founder while playing Hearthstone.

Parker Lewis

Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital // @parkeralewis

Joined bitcoin, left facebook. “Every time that I hear a new trillion-dollar stimulus will be announced, I immediately buy Bitcoin.”

Paul Payam Almasi

Infrastructure Solutions Strategist at Alchemy // @LucidMasi

The founder of two blockchain analytics platforms. “Mass adoption is my greatest desire for cryptocurrency.”

Peter Borowczyk

Research Analyst at Coinpaprika // LinkedIn

Research strengths are in consensus mechanisms, cryptocurrency market behavior and conditions.

Peter Hauck

Senior Data Scientist at CipherTrace // LinkedIn

Former balloon factory worker, machine shop sweeper, dry cleaner and math tutor. Approaches problems by understanding “why” before “how”.

Rafael Cosman

Co-Founder at TUSD // @RafaelCosman

Holds multiple patents in machine learning.

Robert Sarrow

Research Analyst at Digital Asset Research // @rsarrow

Has a pretty sweet weekly newsletter about the top stories in Bitcoin.

Ryan Watkins

Research Analyst at Messari // @RyanWatkins_

Top performing analyst in terms of public research – according to Messari CEO.

Shae Wang

Data Science at Ripple // @shaeyuwang

Data scientist at Uber before joining Ripple.

Simon O’Hanlon

Blockchain Data Engineer at TokenAnalyst // @simonohanlon101

PhD from Imperial College London. Investigated the origin and spread of the worst ever infectious disease of vertebrate animals.

Stephanie Hurder

Founding Economist & Partner at Prysm Group // @shurder

PhD. Reluctant tweeter. Board member of Believe in Students, a non-profit focused on solving the basic needs crisis for college students.

Steven Zheng

Research at TheBlock // @Dogetoshi

Only 64% sure about the stuff he tweets.

Tony Salvatore

Senior Data Scientist at Gauntlet // LinkedIn

Builder of secure software systems & accurate financial models.

Tony Sheng

Independent Researcher Formerly at Multicoin Capital // @tonysheng

Invests in startups, builds toys and writes about gaming and smart contract platforms. Formerly at Multicoin.

Tres Trantham

Data Platform and Integrations Lead at Nomics // @trestrantham

Developer. Husband. Father. Beer connoisseur. NFL geek. Data enthusiast.

Webster Cook

Data Engineer at Chainalysis // LinkedIn

His colleagues think he could develop all layers of the project: front-end, back-end, data processing, storage and analysis.

Will Price

Data Scientist at Flipside Crypto // @will__price

Frisbee enthusiast.

William Chen

Founder at ViewBase // LinkedIn

Problem solver and lifelong learner.

Wojciech Rybicki

Data Engineer at Coinpaprika // LinkedIn

Develops APIs and architecture for collection of cryptocurrency data.

Zhehao Chen

Senior Investment Analyst at LongHash // LinkedIn

Co-founded Shuguang Chou – a crowd funding platform based on blockchain technology.

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