Just Launched: Apollo DAO Sunchaser Hunt + Lido Raindrop Hunt

By now, you probably already know just how much you can make with Flipside Crypto’s analytic bounties and scavenger hunts.

Well, it’s time to unveil two new ways for Flipside Analysts to get paid. The Apollo DAO Sunchaser Hunt and the Lido Raindrop Hunt are now live. They’re designed to help you get familiar with these two ecosystems — and get paid, of course.

Let’s go hunting.

Sunchaser Hunt

We believe that the best way to understand a crypto project is to get involved in it yourself. So, we’re committed to helping you get involved — and rewarding you for it — in the form of our Apollo DAO Sunchaser Hunt.

Step into the sun of Apollo DAO by following the steps at the link below. Complete them all, and you’ll get $75, plus the Sunchaser Badge. You’ll also learn more about Apollo DAO,  including how to fund a terra wallet, access Apollo DAO + its associated dapp, choose a vault, make a deposit, and even participate in yield farming.

Raindrop Hunt

Maybe you’ve been saving your scavenger hunts for a rainy day. Well, that day has finally arrived.

Flipside’s Lido Raindrop Hunt is here to teach you everything about using the liquid staking protocol. That includes staking ETH on Lido for stETH, bridging that stETH to Terra fro bETH, taking out loans on Anchor, and more.

Plus, you’ll get $75 in LDO and the Raindrop Badge for your efforts. 

Do More With On-Chain Data

Time to get hunting. Don’t forget, if you have any issues or questions along the way, reach out to our team and community on Discord.

Happy hunting!

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