Alchemix Query Submissions

Just last month we launched a Beta version of our on-chain analytics toolkit, which includes free structured and labeled data. In an effort to improve our product quickly while also supporting the newly founded project Alchemix, we put out a batch of bounties to reward valuable insights created using our data. 

We do not have a formal relationship with Alchemix but the community has been super responsive. 5 out of the 7 questions we put out were sourced directly from them. 

And we were seriously blown away by some of the bounty submissions… FYI moving forward all bounties will have a base reward of 0.5 ALCX, with optional bonuses of up to 1.5 ALCX for going above and beyond. 

For example, this could look like, but is not limited to: graphs embedded in a product page, website or helper text to explain visualizations. 

Below are some really cool examples from this first round. 

Who are the top ALCX whales and what do they do outside Alchemix?  

By @Razzl 

View here:

What are the most important metrics for growth and sustainability of the Alchemix ecosystem?

By Sean Donachius

“In the past, raw TVL has been the primary metric for evaluating and comparing defi protocols. However, because much of the TVL in defi currently is incentivized by token inflation rewards, this metric gives a poor view of fundamental value. Recently we’ve seen a move towards metrics that portray “real” protocol use cases and protocol revenue, where possible.

For Alchemix, the primary proposed use-case is stable coin ‘loans that pay themselves’. I’ve embedded live charts, courtesy of Flipside Crypto to evaluate the growth of this use case over time.”

View here:

Illustrate how ALCX token price is related to TVL. Does a higher ALCX token price positively or negatively impact TVL in Alchemix?

By @benny 

View here:

Who are the top ALCX whales and what do they do outside Alchemix?  

By BeepleOrTwo 

“…the top depositor into Alchemix is quite active and has conducted over 3,900 transactions that have led to more than $170,000 in gas fees.”

Popular Platforms/Tokens Amongst Top 35 Whales

View here:

When is the best time of day for claiming rewards and restaking them? 

By @Ryanl

View here:

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