Just Launched: Abracadabra Bounties

Just launched: Abracadabra Bounties at Flipside Crypto.

It’s our latest magic trick. Starting right now, bringing community-enabled analytics to the Abracadabra ecosystem, in the form of new bounties, on-chain data, and more.

Abracadabra Bounties are here 

Our bounty program is all about supporting the Abracadabra community with on-chain analytics, including free structured and labeled data. But we need your help to offer the insights the ecosystem needs to grow.

So, we’re giving out 1.26 LUNA to the first 25 correct submissions to our easy questions, and 4.19 LUNA for hard questions. The best response to each question will also receive the grand prize of 3.78 LUNA for easy questions and 12.57 LUNA for hard questions.

To get started, sign up for an account with Velocity. Then, get to work on your submission and send it in by 11:59pm UTC/ 6:59pm EST on Wednesday 12/22

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