Take On-Chain Data To The Next Level With Aave Data Cheat Codes

Community-Enabled Analytics for the Aave protocol have arrived at Flipside Crypto in the form of bounties and more. But understanding the on-chain data and user behaviors for this non-custodial liquidity protocol can be a tall task.

So, to help you keep track of the exciting and evolving project, Flipside Crypto has come up with new animated diagrams, definitions, and tables. They’re all designed to help you familiarize yourself with the protocol, its ecosystem, users, terms, and more.

Consider these your cheat code for understanding Flipside’s Aave data. 

What are Aave data cheat codes?

So, how do you access these cheat codes? Is there a Konami code for SQL?

Sadly, there is not — but Flipside’s cheat codes are almost as good. They allow you to visualize transactions on Aave and see in real-time how tokens are exchanged across the ecosystem. You can also use our glossary to brush up on key terms, phrases, and governance operations. Then, check out our starter queries to help you get up to speed on working with our data, and learn more about the protocol itself.

Once you’ve spent some time studying the data, sign up for a Velocity account using this link and get started solving bounties. Learn more about using Velocity to solve bounties here.

Learn more

Want to learn more about the Aave ecosystem? You can read our explainer here, or check out information about our Community-Enabled Analytics for Aave here.

You can also join Flipside Crypto on Discord to join the conversation. Or, check out Flipside Crypto’s other video tutorials. They’ll help you get started with Velocity and learn how to get paid for solving crypto bounties.

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